From highbrow to lowbrow – Lieder to cabaret songs in Bangor

Yesterday evening’s recital in Powis Hall at Bangor University was a huge success – soprano Raphaela Papadakis and pianist Sholto Kynoch performed a fabulous range of songs, from Schubert Lieder, to Schoenberg cabaret songs, via some Poulenc mélodies and Satie chansons. The programme gave us lots to think about too: how do composers create different kinds of song? how should performers approach the different genres and languages? how do audiences react to the different types of song? I gave a pre-concert talk flagging up some of these issues, which set us up for a programme of poignant Lieder, escapist mélodies and coquettish chansons in both French and German. Huge thanks to everyone who made the event possible (including, of course, the AHRC).

Powis Hall, Bangor University, during my pre-concert talk








Explaining the finer points about song








Raphaela Papadakis presents Poulenc’s ‘Banalités’








Sholto Kynoch & Raphaela Papadakis post-concert

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