Parisian Intersections: forthcoming…

Today I signed off the book and cover proofs for my forthcoming book with Peter Lang, Parisian Intersections: Baudelaire’s Legacy to Composers. It’s exciting to see everything take shape, and to be able to share my research with more people very soon. Looking back over the whole project, I love the fact that the whole idea for the book came from a chance conversation in a pub over several beers in Manchester in 2007 with fellow dix-neuviémiste, Denis Saint-Amant (with Antoine Compagnon lurking in the sidelines – a memorable evening…). The idea was able to germinate further thanks to two research trips to Paris – spending many hours in the BnF, of course, but also enjoying dinners, apéros and coffees with other colleagues (Nigel Harkness and François Le Roux deserve special mention here) to bounce around thoughts and test out hypotheses. And of course, I couldn’t have brought this project to fruition had it not been for many hours spent talking, playing and singing (and drinking Guinness and red wine) with Sholto Kynoch and Mary Bevan. More thanks are due to various friends and family too, of course – but they’ll see that when they open up their copy of the book when it appears in print… Watch this space!

2 responses to “Parisian Intersections: forthcoming…

  1. Congratulations, Helen! What I want to know is whether the lurking Antoine Compagnon actually contributed anything…

  2. Prof. C’s contribution on this particular occasion was not hugely substantive, no, it has to be said. Though I’m sure the mere fact of his presence inspired us all to greatness…

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