Study Leave Week 13

Chapter completion

Academics are not always good at recognising milestones, and celebrating small achievements along the way can be hard. This is mostly because so much of our work is ongoing, other things can get in the way and become more pressing, and research needs to go through multiple iterations of editing and drafting before it can be released to the world.

While this week may have been dominated by the major news of the UK General Election, I have been quietly working away on a book chapter (pretty much to the exclusion of everything else!) . Having set myself a 10,000-word writing target to achieve by the end of the week, I am pleased to report that I have hit my target, and can put the chapter to bed. It is only a small cog in the much bigger wheel that is the whole book, but it is an important staging post, and recognising the achievement (and rewarding myself with some lunch) is a key part of the book-writing process for me.

My call to fellow academics (no matter what stage of career) is: share and celebrate your mini milestones (even if it will get buried in the ether of a busy news day).

2 responses to “Study Leave Week 13

  1. Congratulations! That is a seriously good writing week. I started writing for the first time in a while yesterday (not including book reviews or reports on students’ work!) and it feels good (even if the election results don’t!)

    • Thanks! And good luck with your writing. Do share your tips and experiences too – a lot of colleagues (young and old) appreciate hearing about it!

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